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Interior Design

When designing the rooms, we were inspired by modern Japanese architecture, which stands for consistent minimalism and, with its clarity, creates places where the soul can find peace.
But Wabi-Sabi – an aesthetic concept closely related to Zen Buddhism that deals with the simplicity and imperfection of things – was also incorporated into the design. And so our restaurant, which is decorated in various shades of black, presents itself as particularly minimalist and straightforward – but also exciting to the touch. Regardless of where our visitors look, structures can be discovered and felt everywhere – on the walls, on the tables and on the dishes.

These haptics and the associated connection with the place itself are important to us. Because our goal is not only to touch the senses of our guests through the food and drinks, but also with the materials used and the design of the place.

The tinted mirrors of the mirror corridors invite you to reflect on yourself and perhaps to recognize yourself a little better. In any case, our guests will become more aware of their own beauty. Japanese clay tiles on the ceiling symbolize protection and security. Quiet is the motto in our Séparées. Our long community tables in the large guest room offer opportunities for exchange with others. However, the focus is on our beautiful and around three meter high bonsai ficus, which radiates a very special calm.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday 18:00 – 23:00